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This was on the Christmas Day. Obviously there were lots of people going in malls on Christmas day. So it’s kinda traffic. And guess what who I was with? Oh yes, my fiancée. And where else did we go? Pizza Hut.

Well, Pizza Hut is a very popular name for pizzas and this one at SM is always visited by mall rats and pizza lovers. But I—being a rare eater of Pizza–just thought Pizza Hut serves only pizza pies, many different variations of pizzas. But no. They serve different kinds of European-influenced cuisines.

Just like what my fiancee have got:

Olive Garden Salad at Pizza Hut

This is Olive Garden Salad.

The salad is composed of black olives, stick bread, little pieces of tomatoes, fresh lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers, and herbed croutons.

I tasted it and it was great, most of all the lettuce so crunchy. I always like raw vegetables, especially done in a salad like this. I remember olives that goes well with capers. But this one is just overwhelmingly delicious.

So to all veggies out there, you know where to go for a very satisfying vegetable meal.

And here’s my supremo: The Pizza Supremo! Wooooooohah!

Pizza Supremo of Pizza Hut SM Davao

There was something about the taste of this Pizza that I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I thought of Oregano, but no, not oregano; there’s this biting taste and strong smell of some kind of herb. I just couldn’t know what it was perhaps you know what inside this Pizza Supremo please share it below.

Here’s what I found in this Pizza Supremo:

Some bacon, salami, olives, mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms, sausages, and some little bits of spices and herbs that I don’t know. Hehe. Important thing is, it was so yummyliciouso!

Those are the two food you can find at Pizza Hut SM Davao. Pizza Supremo and Olives Garden Salad.

Got to go! Wooooooot!


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