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I’ve been to the city again with my brother for an errand. Incidentally while walking the streets of General Luna we passed by Chong’s Bulca Chong. We didn’t eat. We’ve had lunch just beside Gaisano Ilustre so I decided to take pictures and asked few questions about this exotic delicacy.

I’ve always been fascinated with Bulca Chong since the first time I tasted it several years ago. I remember another food that sounds like Bulca Chong: Bulca Chow. I don’t know if this is the same food or Bulca Chong was used to be called Bulca Chow. Maybe it was used by some who want to copy Chong’s Bula Chong. Bulcachow doesn’t exist anymore. Bulcachong is, still surviving, growing and even much more appetizing.
I would have wanted to interview Chong himself but he was not around. According to the serbidoro, Chong, the creator of Bulcachong, lives somewhere in Malita, Davao del Sur. And that the food is prepared and cooked in S.I.R (Slum Improvement Resettlement) Matina before this is transported to Chong’s restaurant and served to the customers.

Since the ingredients of this food are not shared to anyone, I’ve made some assumptions to the waiters just to get into the secret should they say yes or no. Peanut Butter? Sayote? They didn’t say a word. Probably none of them knew about the secret. Probably Chong even didn’t share the secret ingredient even to the waiters and the cook. That’s why it’s called a secret. I wonder if Chong has a cook. Does Chong cook the Bulcachong himself? I didn’t bother to ask them about it. It’s not ethical to ask about it.

Anyway, what makes Chong’s business even greater is the other location of the restaurant just beside the carenderia. It’s an air-conditioned restaurant unlike Chong’s open carenderia. They apparently bought the place because I remember the building was not connected with Chong’s Bulca Chong before. It was also a restaurant but by another name and owner. Now it’s called Bulca Chong, Rapa sa Toro Sarap Para sa Lahat.

Here are the other food they serve on their menu:

Hmmmm. Makes me hungry again. Makes me want to go back. Had my brother and I not eaten our lunch, we could have ordered three to four bowls of Bulcachong. hehe. Ang siba.
I will definitely go back to this place before I leave for Cebu in a few months. I know I will miss this. 🙂


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