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    Unbelievable harmony among Cebuanos during the Sinulog Festival

    Sinulog 2015 at Mango almost got into a stampede

    I took this picture during this year’s Sinulog 2015. My friend and I were walking from Fuente Osmena to Mango Avenue when I took it. This is about 20 meters away from National Bookstore. We took the way past this … Continue reading

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    Sinulog Festival 2013: The Grand Parade

    Sinulog 2011

    The Sinulog Festival 2013 grand parade will be happening tomorrow. And for those who can’t make it in Cebu to witness this event there’s a live stream on the Net. Oh yeah! This is where I’m going to watch it … Continue reading


    Photos and Videos of the 75th Araw ng Dabaw Festival

    74th Araw ng Dabaw 2011 Fire Volunteer Brigade

    Unfortunately I weren’t able to catch the parade today ’cause I arrived pass 12 noon. Gosh. So stupid. How can I miss the Araw ng Dabaw parade of flowers and street dancing? You can’t blame me. I didn’t know the … Continue reading


    Sinulog Festival Live Stream

    Sinulog 2012 Grand Parade live stream screenshot

    For those who are not in Cebu and want to watch the Sinulog Festival 2012 Grand Parade happening today, you can watch this live stream below. Watch this live stream like those who are physically in Cebu right now. See … Continue reading

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    What Makes the Sinulog Festival the Mother of all Festivals in the Philippines?

    A beautiful Cebu girl at Sinulog

    {Updated for additional content, January 13, 2015} For those who want to witness the Sinulog Festival come 3rd Sunday of January for the first time, let me give you some wonderful things that you will experience. The things that makes … Continue reading


    What’s so interesting about the Kadayawan Festival?


    There’s lots and lots and lots of interesting things about the Kadayawan festival. First is the name of the festival itself, KADAYAWAN. Even by hearing the word, it’s already interesting, isn’t it? What more interesting is the meaning of the … Continue reading


    74th Araw ng Dabaw Versus Sinulog 2011

    Seamen marching at Araw ng Dabaw 2011

    This is not a competition nor deliberating comparison between Cebu and Davao. This is just an exhibit on how these two great cities celebrate their festivals. This is just a description or an observation, or we can call it a … Continue reading

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