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The Rich Festivals in Cebu

Karansa Festival

Right from the heart of Danao, a province in Cebu, the Karansa Festival is attached to the town fiesta of the province. Just like any other festivals in Cebu, this event is a thanksgiving celebration in honor of a saint. In the festival’s case, this is to honor St. Thomas de Villanueva, the patron saint of the place. Karansa Festival is basically a tradition which presents the four basic steps popularized in Cebu; the Kikay, Karag, Kurug and Kurahay. This is a way of celebrating with a joyful environment. The festival started and named as Karansa in dedication for the Potters in Danao which dances the Karansa after successfully completing their tasks for a day. The festival showcases dance competitions, devotional presentations, food extravaganza, music presentations, torch parade and street dancing.

Haladaya Festival

With several contingents of the Kabataan and Adult Category coming from the different baranggays of Daanbantayan, Cebu the festival presents an enjoyable scene of the street dancing and ritual showdown competition. The festival is also a night to present lovely girls and ladies for the Haladaya Festival Princess and Haladaya Festival Queen. With its incredible activities, this festival is widely visited by tourists and other local visitors, ready to join the festivities and fun. This is a thanksgiving festival for the progressive and good harvest of the town, also offering a thanksgiving to Datu Daya, the hero of the citizens there and also for St. Rose de Lima, their patron saint.


Who would not know Sinulog if you are in Cebu? As the most popular festival in Cebu, an increase of its tourism was mainly contributed due to the wonders of the Sinulog Festival. This takes place every third Sunday of January in commemoration of Señor Santo Niño de Cebu. Some people also call it as Fiesta Señor and widely known for its Mardi Gras Parade that comes right after the solemn religious procession.


This is a celebration that goes back-to-back with the traditional Christmas celebration in the Philippines. This festival is not only about the cheers and the merry making because this is where you get to hear festive and lively Christmas songs, Christmas related activities and lantern making competitions.


Since Cebu was known as the place where a Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his troops was defeated by Lapu-lapu and his colleagues, the people here also celebrate a yearly festival, presenting the Victory of the battle happened in Mactan. This is only a one day celebration every April 27 but it is worth attending as you can witness a great re-enactment of the actual battle in the shores of Mactan. This is where people can see how Lapu-lapu and his people killed the famous Magellan and his troops.


From the name itself, Dinagat festival has something to do with the activities of the Cebuanos in the sea. The festival presents the lively and successful workforce when it comes to the fishing business. The festivals showcases dance competitions, street parades, street dancing and even the rituals that is being used for the good harvest of fishes in the sea.


4 Festivals to Anticipate in Davao City

Festivals are not uncommon in Davao. The premier city in the South has its fair and colorful share of festivals. In fact, tourists plan their year vacation in the city just in the nick of time for a certain festival. The place is armored with intense celebration for specific reasons and the people, of course, are bursting with glee, energy and excitement. The next time you will plan to visit Davao, try coming in synch with any of these festive celebrations.

Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival is a weeklong festivity and thanksgiving in honor of the bountiful harvest. Sounds like some kind of exotic ritual, but the residents of Davao are just thankful for the abundant fruits and flowers in bloom. Kadayawan is held every third week of August on a yearly basis. For one whole week, different activities such as floral float parade will transpire to honor the blessed nature. A highly anticipated event is the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, a street dancing competition that showcases tribal custom dances. Participants are usually elementary and high school students all over Mindanao, as the contest is Mindanao-wide. There is also Hiyas ng Kadayawan, a beauty pageant competition participated by women representing the different tribes in Davao.

Araw ng Dabaw

Save this date: March 16, as Davao will be busy celebrating the history and launching of the city. Another weeklong festival, the entire city is occupied with fun-filled activities that inspire socio-civic actions. Competitions like shooting, singing, dancing, photography, and even animals are involved in contests, too. Sports fest, exhibitions, Catholic mass, concerts and parades will be experienced by both native residents and transient travelers in the city. Perhaps the most notable event is the Mutya ng Dabaw, a local brains-and-beauty competition.

Pasko Fiesta sa Dabaw

Filipinos are known to celebrate Christmas on an extended period of time, but Davaoenos save their entire December and celebrate Pasko Fiesta. A month-long festivity, the whole city is filled with Christmas-related activities. Singing, dancing and photography competitions will grace the city, too. The roads at night will be packed with shoppers as they roam around hopping from one bazaar to another. Expect that Davao will sparkle and shine in all the multicolored lights and decors adorned all over the metropolis.

Davao Chinese New Year

The people of Davao City pay tribute to their fellow Davaoenos who have Chinese ethnicity. The Chinese community is an active sector helping out in various deprived communities and foundations dedicated to the poor and less fortunate. So it is only natural that Davao City will give honor in their tradition. A melting pot of history, culture and economy, Chinatown is in full speed of celebration during Chinese New Year occurring every 15th day of the 8th Lunar Calendar month. From art exhibits to temple visits down to motorcades, sky lantern take offs and night markets, Davao City and its people glows from all of the festivities.

These 4 festivals are highlighted all throughout the year in the city. The feeling of excitement and anticipation never goes away. From one festival to another, feel free to join the fun and celebration when you are in Davao.


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