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While the media is highlighting every mistake Duterte makes as days go by, I notice that our President elect Duterte is becoming a very clear stalwart of the people who want change. As the Duterte Camp’s slogan goes during the campaign: Tunay na Pagbabago. Real Change.

If you observe his principles, idealisms and aspirations, Duterte is no different from activists who cry for justice and rights. He is no different from musicians who sing about love and peace; novelists who keep the protagonists always on the side of the good.

He is no different from John Lennon who didn’t want religion and war or Vincent Van Gogh who had a genuine heart for the poor. He is much like comedians George Carlin who did not believe in status quo and Lewis Black who describes himself as a socialist, and swears in his shows.

If you take note of songs like Imagine, Revolution, Across the Universe by the Beatles and listen to the messages of politically and socially inclined musicians and film directors , you will hear/see the cries of revolutionists throughout history of the world and of our country.

Notice the qualities Duterte has. Notice what he and these artists have in common.

These are the kinds of people who have genuine hearts. People who are virtuous, noble, passionate.

As Conrado De Quiros had once said, “There are no more noble people than artists.”

I say, there is no better Filipino president than Duterte.

{Edited by Ma. Stella Tumlos}


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.


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