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{UPDATED for additional content 2/19/2016, 9:08 AM}

I can’t avoid to watch to this show’s silliness since my fiancee and son watch it every noon. Just a couple of minutes ago I found the absurdity of it, made me shake my head.

Showtime hosts are silly

You call these people entertainers? Comedians? Are these people who make you laugh? What kind of humor people do these people crack, while they scream for the audience to cooperate calling them the “madlang people?”

Just look at Vice Ganda. Listen to every word he says? Whenever he’s insulting every contestant, cracking punch line simultaneously, does he make you amused? Is insulting or making a person look ridiculous a joke now? So this is what made you laugh? Well, I laugh but not with the joke, but sardonically with the show.

Look at Vhong Navarro? Does he have the wit to make himself funny in front of the audience? And the rest of the hosts? You call these people entertainers? God forgive me. But as far as my critical mind is concerned, these guys show foolishness and nothing but foolishness.

I wonder how Filipinos nowadays can be amused? What standards do the majority follow when it comes to comedy and entertainment? Consider the values in watching a noon time show such as Showtime. What do we have?

If you like satire you better watch Lourd De Veyra’s Wasak or WOTL (Word of the Lourd). I love the humor of this show, especially Bayaw Jun’s funny, irrelevant manner of asking questions to the interviewee. Sometimes he’s outrageous; but he’s really funny. Intellectually and sarcastically funny.

Watch Wasak. Well, you can’t watch it at noontime. So forget about watching Showtime at noon. Try to turn off your TV at noon and turn it on every Tuesdays in the evening at TV5 or Aksyon TV.

Or I advise you to watch Willing Willie at noontime instead. Well, Willie Revillame is sure a top-notch entertainer despite his family background and his past battle with ABSCBN and MTRCB. Willie Revillame is sure to have wits and humor to entertain Filipino people. Nevermind his machismo and indecent behavior. Aren’t great comedians always have trouble with authorities? Remember Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman and the American courts of law?

Well, Willie Revillame does not only entertain Filipino masses, he also help them, lift them from their grim lots.

What about you? What do you think about Showtime? What do you think about Vice Ganda? Does this homosexual make you laugh?

[Image source: http://abscbnpr.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Vhong-Anne-Billy-Kuya-Kim-Karylle-Vice-Jugs-Teddy-Vhong-Ryan-Coleen.jpg ]


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  1. The problem with vice is he does not know how and when to stop. he lacks the ability to think before he speaks.

  2. i agree with you. stupid fagout vice ganda!

  3. i do love to watch WASAK! pagkalaamee!

  4. WASAK! the T-ICE promoter. 🙂 BUt i love to watch rizza of eat bulaga.. 🙂

  5. Showtime is not the show time anymore it used to be from the past showtime…You are right, the silliness and nothing but nonsense lines from vice ganda giving insult to anyone. I would rather watch Eat Bulaga rather than this Showtime…What exact time does WASAK aired every Tuesdays in the evening at TV5? We will forgive them because I think they don’t know what they are doing because they’ve just get paid from their boss.

  6. hahaha..kahibaw pud diay ka mobisaya noy,..this time mag-binisaya nalang ko sa imung comment section everytime mag-comment ko,..hinaot nga dili nimu e-mark as S-P-A-M…shouldn’t be too strict…

    • hahaha! Ok kaayo bisaya oi! Bisdak sad ko. hehe. Taga Cebu ba ka Klint? 🙂

      • hehe..u taga sugbu jud ko bai..hehe,..nanimpalad lang pud about making money online which i thougt all crap but dili man diay makakwarta man diay ta ani..hehe…salamat sir noy,..iakw taga-davao man ka noh then nana sa cebu ga-based?

  7. You are just jealous. Go watch Wowowee, magsamasama kayong mga squatter

  8. Question po… sino si Rod Navarro?

    • Bong pala este Vhong. I stand corrected. Di ko kabisado pangalan nila; yung mukha lang; kasi di sila sikat para sa amin; hehe Thanks anyway Princess. Updated na ang post.

      By the way, kamag-anak mo ba si Vhong?

  9. Inggit lang kayo. Magsamasama kayong manood ng Wowowillie. Mga SENIORS. SQUATTERS. 😛

  10. Inggit lang kayo 😛

  11. Bossing now you got first on this issue. Masmagaling kapa kay MANNY.


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