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Image from Rappler

Image from Rappler

President Rodrigo Duterte did a reversal to the same old “Digong” that charmed him to a large number of Filipinos, splitting jokes in a circuitous discourse, amid his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) Monday at the Batasang Pambansa.

Here are the amusing 10 most entertaining soundbites from Duterte’s first SONA sourced from politics.com.ph.


“I’ll give you the name, I’ll give you the country. Kung wala ka ring magagawa, mag shut up ka.”

Duterte appeared to have what millennials would most likely allude to as a ‘bitch, please!’ minute when he articulated this quote. Tended to the individuals from the media and other expert life bunches who were influencing him to create a ‘major fish’ in his war on medications, Duterte contended the higher ups they were searching for are not in the nation. He additionally prompted them to practice rationale first before censuring his arrangements. In the event that they can’t make a move, they better ‘quiets down’ and let the powers carry out their occupations.


“Art, ambisyoso ka. Kaya mo ito?”

After uncovering how his administration intends to update the run down train industry, as written in the readied duplicate of his discourse, Duterte got out Transportation and Communications Secretary Arthur Tugade, asking him jokingly whether he can truly pull off his eager arrangements for it.


“Hirap maging presidente maski dito lang.”

Duterte freely expressed over and over he is not used to being the focal point of consideration. Right amidst his location, he ensured general society is helped to remember the battles he was managing while conveying his first SONA. It was one of the unconstrained musings he said so everyone can hear consistent with the vision of chief Brillante Mendoza.


“‘Yung guide natutulog na siguro, kakapindot-pindot diyan… ”

Like Duterte, we could just envision the troublesome time men or ladies responsible for his script guide must have amid the SONA. The discourse went on for more than a hour and a half, path past the estimations of the Presidential Communications Group, as Duterte went impromptu at different focuses in his location.


“Kumare ko man ito. Salamat mare ha.”

Indeed, even the head servant tasked to fill Duterte’s glass with water now and again did not get away from the fun loving nature of her manager. The president made her his BFF right on the spot as he got somewhat occupied by her nearness.


“Panay! E taga-saan si ano? ‘Di, Panay… Panay ang bigay natin para… “

Duterte was clearly teasing his past presidential opponent Manuel “Damage” Roxas in this one. Roxas hails from Capiz, which is one of the territories in the Panay Island. What drove the president to this quip filled joke was his administration’s arrangement to manufacture a railroad venture on that part of the Visayas district. As Roxas was not a portion of his live gathering of people that day, Duterte swung to Liberal Party Senator Franklin Drilon whom he said must bring down notes right then and there. Politikos getting his float in this specific arrangement could be seen chuckling hard including Drilon himself.


“Unahan natin ang Congress, puro mayayabang ‘yang mga buang diyan… “

Said with regards to his straightforwardness approach in any event in the official branch, Duterte gladly declared he ventured out in front of the individuals from Congress in thinking of a Freedom of Information measure by righteousness of an Executive Order he simply marked. At an early stage in the discourse, Duterte guaranteed he would hold a perfect government under his supervision. The FOI Bill has been mulling in Congress for a considerable length of time.


“Huwag doon banda sa Recto dahil sigurado pekein ‘yan ng mga ulol… ”

This Manila road has been perceived as the go-to put for individuals who might rather produce out of inconvenience. Duterte in his SONA declared his arrangement to make open transportation tickets accessible through approved venders in shopping centers yet he exhorted individuals to maintain a strategic distance from Recto Avenue given its awful notoriety.


“Dulo sa dulo may emergency vehicle. Hindi na company parang cortege na… . May ambulansya dad doon. Dagdagan mo na rin ng punerarya.”

Just Duterte has contrasted the over the top presidential escort with a memorial service cortege. The president dropped this jest with regards to the exacerbating Manila activity. He said having two ambulances as a feature of his “escort” does not sound good to him. Obviously, his Presidential Security Group was simply taking after conventions to guarantee his wellbeing however Duterte felt he’s being raced to his demise.


“Wala na ito sa… Heh, haba…”

As he is more open to conveying an offhand discourse, Duterte eventually disposed of the “script” his speech specialists had arranged for him. He whined about its length in addition to he experienced difficulty perusing the words through a script guide. The duplicate only served as reference material for him all through his about two-hour SONA.

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