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Image from ABIAS-CBN

Image from ABIAS-CBN

If President Rodrigo Duterte gets his direction, Steve Harvey won’t have Miss Universe 2016.

As per Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, Duterte communicated dissatisfaction when he was told Harvey would have given his agreement with the Miss Universe Organization.

“When I informed the President regarding that, negative agad. Ang sabi niya, ‘Hindi puwede!'” said Teo on Thursday, September 1, amid a question and answer session at MalacaƱang Palace.

(When I informed the President concerning that, he gave a negative reaction. He said, “That can’t be!”)

Duterte may even raise the issue with the Miss Universe Organization himself.

“That is the thing that he let me know: ‘I’m going to converse with Miss Universe since I don’t need him to be the host of the Miss Universe,'” said Teo.

The Tourism Secretary, who championed the Philippines’ facilitating of the expo, said she would enlighten the Miss Universe Organization regarding the President’s worries.

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