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This is a preview snapshot. Watch the video below.

This is a preview snapshot. Watch the video below.

A Facebook video published by Medmessiah CombatBoi on Friday, May 27, 2016, has gone viral in Facebook.

In a video is popular, award-winning actor Baron Geisler and an American guy shook hands with each other in what looks to be a gesture of settlement. Wherein in a spark moment, the American guy punched Giesler in the face, and throws some punch combinations in the body of Geisler.

With crowd as spectators watching it and not having fun but are worried. While others pacify the fistfight.

Watch the video below:

According to the video taker/poster, the incident took place in Tomato Kick (TK3) Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The video taker also said that Geisler was looking for trouble during the event at that bar, that’s why some guys got pissed off and didn’t let Geisler get away with it.

But Social Trends Facebook page posted this message that looks to be a said by a witness in the bar at Morato”

Andun ako nung gabi na yun. Si sir baron nakikipag inuman at kantahan lang. At yung amerkano kasi sigaw ng sigaw dun sa bartender ksi ang bagal daw ng cocktail ng kasama nyang girls. Si sir baron nag tanong lang “bro whats the problem?

Can you confront the bartender properly you’re not the only person in this bar please lower your voice”. Sagot ng amerkano “fuck you, sit down and mind your own fucking business” si baron nag init nag tagalog na ” gago ka pala ang bastos mo hndi mo ka close yung bartender pra murahin at utus utusan mo na parang amo nya and even me, you dont have the right to curse me bastard!” Sabay tulak at hagis ng upuan sa amerkano.

Now naawat sila wala nangyare. Pero nung pinagbati sila ng mga banda na nag pperform nag wapa yung lalaking amerkano. Pinagtanggol ni sir baron ang bartender ksi binabastos at grabe yung pag sigaw ng amerkano nakakaistorbo. Kita naman sa video na yung lalaking amerkano pinaalis hndi si baron dba? Baron only fight for the bartender and nakakaistorbo ksi yung amerkano. Kung sya nang gulo sya dapat yung pinaalis.

As posted by Medmessiah CombatBoi originally in the video caption, which was being edited later on:

Baron Geisler nasapok sa Tomato Kick (TK3), Morato nangugulo kasi sa event kaya may napikon at pinatulan siya! ABS-CBN GMA News YouScoop

Some days ago, Geisler was also involved in an assault with a film student at the University of the Philippines.


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