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Yes there’s “Bagito 4.” It spread like wildfire on the internet. But due to sensitive content, and on this video involves minor ages, the [email protected] video was removed right away.

View the image here.

While everyone was busy staying and chilling at their homes during typhoon Lando, the video went viral over the weekend. For those who are wondering why this series of [email protected] videos called “Bagito,” the idea came from television series starred by Nash Aguas and Ella Cruz, which titled with the same name.

There were thousand posts on Facebook and some blog sites provide the video. The video garneredĀ 108,000 shares and 1.4 million views. Apparently, the material violated theĀ video-sharing site’s Terms of Service, the video disappears.

The first blog site that I saw posted this video was Boy Viral. They have thousands of followers on Facebook. however, the video content was removed right away, and I am curious why their official Facebook page is not available anymore after this [email protected] went viral.

So for those who want to watch the trilogy of “Bagito [email protected],” sorry, you won’t see it anymore on Youtube.


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