Did You Know Former President Marcos Was Accused of Murder At The Age of Eighteen? Here’s The Story!

Did you know that Ferdinand E. Marcos was accused of murder at the age of eighteen? He was just another student in the law. It was astonishing that he did not get a lawyer but he himself defended himself in court, heard him say one of the judges, “do not waste the life of this young man, it will be great in the country,” Osmeña said, quoting the judge.

Did you know that the young Marcos also got the highest grade in the history of farming? Because his grade is almost 100%, he is repackaged because he may have been tricked by his or her oral exams in court. And he got 95% highest in history

Do you know FEM is the youngest politician who won as Mayor, Congressman, Governor and Senator?

Do you know the Marcos family as well? Because they are the lawyer of Tallán Family who owns the whole of the Philippines. The charge is a ton of gold. The name of our country was The Maharlika. (Do research about this)

Another trivia. The tallans are paid or are actually bought when Spain leaves the Philippines in America. Tallano gave it to America for payment or ransom in our country.

Do you know FEM is one of the best leaders and admired worldwide? Because of my talent and efficiency in developing and strengthening the nation. So many envy of his kind, 1 dollar is just 2peso squatters, we follow Japan to the most powerful countries across Asia. And we are the Tiger of Asia!

Did you know that Marcos sent help to Korea and Vietnam to help end their war?

Do you know that the Philippines still lenders and donates South Korea to help develop and improve their country after the Korean War? That’s why the south koreans are indebted to you (search by Speach’s former Pres. Park)

Do you know Marcos and Aquino only a brod or one fratternity? They are just friends because they’re just friends because of Aquino’s politics and parties.

Do you know that during his over 20yrs in office did he only spend over 500 billion pesos of the total budget he spent? Do you compare Cory’s 1 trillion to Ramos’s term and Ramos’s 1.5-billion-peso term?

Do you know that all the projects of the next president to him will be the same for all his accomplishments? Starting with Aquino and Aquino again haha. Most projects or others are simply replaced by a name.

Like the Manila International Airport became NAIA. LRT is the first Vertical Railway System in SouthEast Asia. NLEX Just so much more. Visit Ferdinand E. Marcos page to see you or else you can see it.

Did you know that Marcos declared the Martial Law because of bombardment of NPA terrorists and the development of other rebels such as MNLF and IBPA?

Did you know that Marcos planned to withdraw Sabah? Because this part of the Philippines is a gift from Borneo (Im not sure) to the sultan of Sulu because of helping them in the war. Marcos planned to withdraw it in Malaysia by covering it so quickly recovered. He created a group of Muslims so that the Malays could not perceive the conquest. It was a tribe of tribes and was taken to Corriedor to train but was told that there was a dead man and that was what Aquino called the Jabidah Massacre. This is one of the reasons MNLF has emerged.

Do you know that the Government and the MNLF agree on the agreement with which librarians have ratified? So the ARMM was formed? How many members are dissatisfied with the MILF break-away faction? Who is now in agreement with the government so BIFF is formed?

Do you know why nobody died at People Power at the edsa? Because of the command of Marocos.


Gen Ver: Pres. Our soldiers have been formed and ready to attack.

FEM: My order is not to shoot.


Did you know that before Marcos went to the pavilion and asked Aquino to open the Bataan Nuclear Plant to support the National Grid Plan that Marcos planned to lower the electricity price?

Do you know Marcos’s project of rural banks, cooperatives to help invest in small fishermen and peasants?

Do you know FEM’s Green Revolution (correct me if im wrong) project that resulted in our self-efficacy in rice and we can export more than $ 3 billion a year.

Do you know that he is the only Leader who never used his own speech code or English interview?

Do you know the government or GOCC for PNBs, Petron, PAL, NAWASA, channels 4 and 13 etc. Many others but others have been renamed or otherwise sold to private companies.

Do you know that MERALCO was holding government in the past because it was losing and the Lopez asked the government for bankruptcy? But it was reversed when Marcos was released and the Lopez got it again.

Do you know that until now we enjoy almost all of his projects?

Do you know that Marcos has banned the release of Voltes V because it shows rebellion or revolution?

Watch Mel Tiangco’s Interview with Ms. Imelda Marcos at the Power House. There was a room containing a paper or a document that would prove their wealth. If I’m not mistaken he reads it to Mel and it reaches almost one trillion with interest since it’s been hidden for five five decades. Said, Ms. Marcos, they kept them for the whole Philippines and even for the world.

Do you know that thousands of cases have been encountered by Ms. Marcos in New York court but none of it has won. So it’s called “fight of the century”.

Do you know most jewelry or collections by Ms. Marcos is a gift to him by another leader around the world whenever he visits another country? So why are they visiting our country?

Do you know Marcos’s Du30 as well? In fact he has a statement that he will imitate other Marcos projects such as the Abundant Ani and the Blessed Sea, which really helped and improved the lives of fishermen and peasants.

Do you know of free lunch at school? That is Nutri-Bun.

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