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Davao’s Interesting Delicacies

Davao City is also home to the most delicious Filipino delicacies that have been preserved as authentic treasure.

Majority of the reasons why tourists are visiting Davao is because the city has very unique dishes to try. These are what they call Davao Exotic delicacies that interests millions of its loyal visitors. For your exotic experience in the city, we present you three of the most exotic and the most interesting food that you can only find exciting to eat in Davao.

Bulca Chong (Bull Meat Stew)


Most people who eat Bulca Chong or Bull Meat Stew in Davao are those that don’t want to sleep whole night. This applies greatly to people who came from bars and parties including those who want to refresh their stomach from a night work shift. Aside from the fact that this stew is very authentic, it also gives you full satisfaction especially if you want to enliven yourself with lots of protein. Every serving of this delicacy is packed with Bull Meat that you cannot eat everyday. It has a chewy yet fleshy meat that makes your pallet energized in every bite plus the soothing aroma that the stew can give you in every sip you make.

Different people in Davao gather around restaurants that offer the said delicacy and that what makes the food popular across the city and for the tourists that visits there. With a very affordable price, you can experience the hot and exciting flavor of the Bulca Chong especially if you are the kind of person who wants to experience an exotic food that will not gross you.

Crocodile Sisig

In a certain Crocodile sanctuary in Davao, there is a restaurant that offers an incredibly unique delicacy – the Crocodile Sisig. When we talk about Sisig alone, you can tell that it is a very famous Filipino food. Some places in the Philippines prepare Sisig by mixing chopped pork inner organs or plainly chopped pork or chicken meat. But in Davao, instead of utilizing the normal pork and chicken meat, they use the crocodile meat to make things unique. Served hot in your table, at first you will think of that certain delicacy as a part of the monstrous looking crocodile. But if you start tasting it, you’ll realize that its flavor is much better than the usual meat. You can taste the Crocodile Sisig for a bit expensive price but having this one of a kind experience cannot pay much as you will always remember its flavor wherever you go.


For the citizens in Davao, the durian is just a normal fruit that they can eat every day. But for outsiders, you will surely find the Durian an exotic treat. Due to its very strong flavor and an odor that you can never last long of smelling it, it is surely a challenge to try eating one. As the primary trademark of the city, you should not skip eating the Durian when you visit Davao.


Where to Eat in Cebu

When we talk about Cebu food or Cebu Delicacies, the very first thing that comes in our mind is the delicious “Lechon”or Whole Roasted Pig. Lechon can be found anywhere in the Philippines but many people are saying that the flavor of Cebu’s Lechon is different and is more tasty than ever. There are also people saying that the Lechon of Cebu contains a secret recipes that has been kept by old Cebuano Families until it was passed on to today’s generation. With that, it makes Cebu Lechon extra special.

But there’s more to Lechon when we talk about Cebu delicacies. The level of the restaurants’ food creativity makes it one of a kind. That’s why you have to choose carefully which restaurant in Cebu you can feel satisfaction. Among many restaurants in the metro, these 4 restaurants are the people’s favorite.


If you want to try first their Lechon, then Zubuchon is the best place to go. Packed with the most favorite flavor of Lechon, Zubuchon was hailed as the primary source of the best Lechon in Cebu. Ordering a Lechon here gives you the choice in quantity since you can order it in Kilos. Aside from that, this creative restaurant also allows you to experience Lechon in a different way. They have Lechon Sisig, Lechon Crispy Pata, Roasted Pork Belly, Slow-Cooked Pork Belly, and many more. You can buy their Lechon delicacies in a very affordable price which makes you enjoy the food with a pleasant environment.

La Marea

If you think you needed some desserts, then the La Marea is the best place to stay. Their signature dessert was their sweet yet delicious Brownie in a Cup. Aside from that, they have a wide array of various desserts that will surely make you drool including the Apple Crumble, Blueberry, White Chocolate and more.

It is a great restaurant to go especially if you are done eating Lechon. Their sweet yet interesting desserts complete your meal and will surely make you crave for more.

Moon CafÉ

If you need cheap but delicious food, then the Mooon Café is for you. Due to its affordability with incredibly delicious dishes, people considered it as the best restaurant in Cebu. One of their best dishes includes the Mexican Baby Back Ribs and the Mooon Steak.

Many foreigners and local tourists visits and go back in this restaurant as their Mooon Steak makes them taste it again. Their unique food flavors make it the reason for people to love the place. Besides, the environment is very friendly, so it is a good place to chat with your friends and families while trying their food in the menu.

Casa Verde

With the best Pork Ribs in Town, Casa Verde is a prime restaurant that will satisfy your pallet. It’s a one stop place to eat some favorite delicious food such as Burgers, Sandwiches, Chicken, Seafood, and the favorite food – Pork Ribs. Many westerners prefer the place because their menu presents some food way back from their home.

There are still a lot to try in Cebu when it comes to good food. All you have to do is to roam around the metro and discover their tempting restaurants that mark the success of Cebu delicacies.


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