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Famous Davao Singers

Davao music and its musicians are relatively attached not only to the modern genre of music but also to the traditional ones. Most Davao singers are preserving the great essence of traditional and cultural songs including the use of traditional musical instruments for their performances.

Because of that, Filipino cultural music was known nationwide and internationally and the artists involved are also known relevant in the preservation of Davao culture including the Philippine culture as a whole.

Joey Ayala

When we talk about traditional Filipino music, Joey Ayala will always be part of the big list. He was originally born in Bukidnon but started his singing career in Davao performing mainly contemporary pop music. What’s unique about Joey Ayala is the fact that he is not doing the conventional pop because he uses ethnic musical instruments to mix with the modern pop music. When he started releasing his album in Davao, his popularity continued and people loved his style of music leading him to release a series of fourteen albums across his career.

Ayala’s trademark includes the use of Hegalong, a two stringed musical instrument from the T’boli tribe and the Kubing, a famous musical instrument from the different tribes in the Philippines. Aside from that, he also uses a traditional Kulintang, used mainly by Muslims and other indigenous people in the country.

But Ayala is not only about traditional musical instrument because his versatility allows him to use modern instruments such as the electric guitar, bass guitar and the drums. With that, he is indeed a true music icon.

His excellent performance in the music industry led him to become the Chairman of the National Committee on Music under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in the Philippines.

Juris Fernandez

When it comes to the acoustic side of music, Davao is proud to introduce Juris Fernandez as the top of the list. Born and raised in Davao City, Fernandez was the famous lead vocalist of the MYMP band in the year 2003. Because of her incredible voice that serenades many people’s hearts, ABS-CBN, one of the famous channels and Entertainment Company in the Philippines took her to perform on ASAP, a Sunday concert show teaming up with the most excellent singers in the Philippine music industry such as Nina, Aiza Seguerra, Sitti, Richard Poon and Duncan Ramos forming the group called “Sessionistas”.

She won different awards such as Gold Record Award 2010, Platinum Record Award 2011, 2nd Tambayan 101 OPM Awards Song of the Year for her song “Di Lang Ikaw”, and 24th Awit Awards Album of the Year.

Himig Singers

Aside from the solo artists, Davao is also home of the internationally recognized Choral group called Himig Singers. In 1997, they won as champions for the mixed vocal ensembles category of the First Asian Choir Games in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Aside from that, the group was also recognized when they won another awards in the National Music Competition for Young Artists during 1990 and 1993, won Awards of the Audeince at Hungary during the 2004 Vivache International Choral Festival, Grand Prize winner for the 26th International Youth and Music Festival in Austria in 1997, and XV International Music Festival 1997 first prize winner in Spain.

Festivals that Showcase Cebu Music

Visiting Cebu City means you have to make sure you can witness even one of the many festivals held there every year. These festivals are part of the Cebu culture including the story of their history and the presentations of their tradition.

One of the best and the most interesting festivals that you should witness in the city is the Musical Festivals. These are symbolisms on how amazing Cebuanos are when it comes to music. There are well known artists from around the world such as Vina Morales, Salud and Pilita Corales that are proudly from Cebu. Their performances in the international arena doesn’t only present their talent in singing Visayan Songs but also for being versatile in going along to the great worldwide music industry.

If you want to experience the sound of Cebu music, you should try witnessing one of the following festivals.

Cebu Guitar Festival

With an average of two hundred guitarists performing in this festival every year, the Cebu Guitar Festival is indeed a showcase of talent that will sooth your ears. The event is held for 3 days and mainly on every weekends of November. This was considered as the most prominent music event in Cebu which is widely visited by guitar enthusiasts not only from the city but also tourists from around Philippines and across the world.

With the initiative of Junx Muana, the owner of Outpost Bar and a guitar expert at the same time, the whole event is a presentation of acoustic values that has been passed from generation to generation. It is a very great festival where you can spend the night with your friends, family and loved ones to relax and feel the guitar music in the heart of the Philippines second largest city.

You can also witness here the different forms and sizes of guitars that has been crafted by many musicians and preserved for the sake of presenting music. If you love playing the guitar or if you are willing to learn the guitar, visiting this annual festival will surely make your music satisfaction into its peak.

Cebu Music Festival

If you want to experience a big pack of extreme musicality, then joining the Cebu Music Festival is a one-stop adventure to satisfy your cravings for music. Started in the year 2012, the Cebu Music Festival was directly a hit event that captured the hearts of the Cebuanos and the people from across the country to participate in this grand event. It is a festival organized and supported by the two biggest malls in Cebu. The event is mostly held at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu and the Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu. The festival presents different music of different genre and is being attended by Cebuano musicians and artists with guest stars and the like.

Cebu Pop Fest

The Cebu Pop Fest is more than a festival because it is also a battle of composers, song writers and singers that vie for the biggest price of the festivals. Attended and participated by many entries from across Cebu, the Pop Fest showcases original music with great message and relevance to the society. It’s a one stop event to enjoy original Cebu music that is not only good to listen but also inspiring.


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