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Today is one of the happiest days of my life. I’ve just received an email this morning from Jensen Go Chow, Co-Founder Executive Director of Permaculture Action Asia, Inc, asking if I can report tomorrow or Wednesday so I can start working as a copywriter. In short, I’ve just been hired. 😉

I choose to start on Wednesday to be able to prepare myself, like the clothes, new haricut, etc.. It’s been over a year since the last time I became a part of the society. And now I’m back. I wish I could share to you this great feeling.:-)

Anyway, Permaculture Action Asia, Inc. is a new Non-Government Organization in Cebu that provides education to international learners about sustainable eco-agriculture. This unique kind of agriculture is specifically a system that sustains food production and at the same time harmonizes the relationship of man to its basic needs like plants, water, and animals.

The system that PCAAI has created lessens the heavy tasks of farming.This also boosts the production while making certain components useful to agriculture such as wastes. In other words, Permaculture is the arcitecture of nature and ecology.

The people who are going to benefit from this design are the ones who have no income in the rural areas, particularly those in provinces. Although this system is also useful to those who live in the urban areas.

This is great. This is just great. I had always wished to be a part of some real advocacy, one that can make the world a better place to live in. And now it’s happening. How’s that for a struggling writer like me? 😉


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. >congratulations on your new job nonoy..hope you will enjoy it.smile for u as usual.pls keep in touch n hv a nice day.

  2. >@Waliz: Thanks a lot Waliz. Yes sure I'll keep in touch. Enjoy your days too.

  3. I Love-Hate America by Bing

    >Congratulations! I wish you the best and I am sure you 'll be happy with your decision and you'll have an exciting journey .

  4. I Love-Hate America by Bing

    >Your link is on my sidebar now, under Friends Blogroll.

  5. >@Bingkee. Thanks a lot Bingks. You too enjoy your stay in Davao. And thanks sad kau sa akung link s imung blogroll. Cheers! 😉

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