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I have always wondered how Davao came to be today. I read about it somewhere then from a dissertation. We have the Del Norte and Del Sur as the northern and southern part of Davao. We also have the Oriental which is the eastern part of it. But where is Davao Occidental anyway?

I’m talking about the western part of Davao which could be called Davao Occidental. Is there a western part of Davao which we can call the Occident? Upon this writing and from further investigation, I have learned that there already is a proposal for this on the Senate. I know I have heard it discussed somewhere, probably on the local radio. And it is but important for it to be heard and discussed further, more so by the Davao residents and constituents.

For those not so familiar with the region, Davao is now divided to only three, in terms of its orientation. Davao Del Sur, Davao Del Norte, and Davao Oriental. Davao City is located in Davao del Sur. The major city in Davao Del Norte is Tagum City, the City of Mati in Davao Oriental, and Digos City in Davao Del Sur.

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Each of these regions have their own Provincial Capitols in which I understand are considered to be Local Governments. Three local governments on three regions are understandably appropriate. But still there’s a hole to fill. What about the west? The Occident?

The present 15th congress issued a press release last May 16, 2012 entitled “Davao Occidental Province Soon To Be Realized”. Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., sponsored the bill for the creation of Davao Occidental. From his speech, he empasized the slow development on certain districts in Davao Del Sur.

Their distance from the provincial capitol has impaired their growth. The senator was referring to the towns of Malita, Sta. Maria, Don Marcelino, Jose Abad Santos and Sarangani. Mostly from the second district of Davao Del Sur, all of which would comprise the realization of the Province of Davao Occidental.

The respective Local Government units have already expressed their support of this move. House Bill 4451 seeks the creation of the Province of Davao Occidental. The province has already satisfied the Local Government Code of 1991. As required by law, a proposed province should have a population of at least 250,000. Its land area and average annual income also exceeds the law’s minimum requirement. I just wondered how the senator could have claimed its impaired growth when all the while it has exceeded the minimum requirements provided by law.

But all of these clearly reflect the point that it’s about time. It’s about time the Province of Occidental be realized. The move would inspire economic growth on the region. And then there’s the thought for urban planners and government to peruse before declaring a certain area for development, that there should be that idea that an area for development should be divided into four immediately before implementing its seat of local governments.

The North, South, East and West. And of course, they must already have, considering the only part that’s left is the western part which could be eventually be converted as Davao Occidental.

[About the author:

Ryan Avellanosa is a Dabawenyo native. He is an architectural enthusiast who likes the character of Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead, an Internet geek, rock n roll artist, has a 3-digit IQ, and creator of thesoundtripper.com.

He has intense attachment to halo-halo and a big potato chips muncher. Yup, he is the younger brother of Nonoy Avellanosa. Check out his architectural blog at arutketikra.blogspot.com.]


About the author: Ryan Avellanosa


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  1. @idlewild yes, it’s confusing… it is said to be located geographically in Davao del Sur but not part of it… fair enough..


  2. Davao City isn’t part of Davao del Sur and is only city outside of NCR that isn’t part of any province.

    This is a common misconception that should really be corrected.

  3. Boss noy great job..research to the max..hehehhe ung totoo san ba talaga nalagay ang occidental. missamis have oc and or but no del sur and norte..ano ba ang batayan ng pangalan ng lugar sa pilipinas?

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