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It’s the Davao girls this time I want to talk about. The girls in my one and only hometown.

The Davao Girls are also different from any other girls in other regions in the Philippines. Apart from the fact that they’re beautiful, they’re also interesting, sincere, kind, conservative, and most of all, they are very very sweet. Hehe.  Why I know this? Well, not because I’d been with many relationships before, but because I have many girl friends here in Davao. Take note, girl friends not girlfriends. Get it?                    

The Girls in Davao are also well-mannered, formal, and intelligent, I should say. I’m not saying that the Manila girls, the Cebu girls, Baguio girls, Ilonggas, Zambaoanga girls, Cagayan girls, etc. are dumbs. What I’m saying is that Davao girls are smarter when it comes to conversations. You can talk to them about anything under the sun and still are able to manage to respond to you in a comfortable and admirable way. I don’t know how to elaborate this.  To me they are just simply lovable. Hehe.;-)

So if I were to choose which of the girls in the Philippines to choose, I prefer, ooops, ahmmmm, something between the Davao Girls and the Cebu girls. Wahehe.;-) Play safe, eh? In the flip side of the coin, actually it doesn’t matter. Davao girls, Cebu girls, Manila girls, or any girls from the Philippines, They’re all Filipinas. And Filipinas are all beautiful, smart, romantic, and simply the best women in the world. Agree or not? 😉

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  1. great girl friends in davao hope to got one of them. Cheers!

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