Cebu Girls

If you’re a guy you just can’t get enough of girls, can you? Well, this is not about male chauvinism and philandering. This is about the truth that men, I mean straight men, just love to watch beautiful girls. They are great sources of inspiration, neutralizers and pain relievers–metaphorically speaking. My apologies to the Women’s groups. But women also do like handsome men, don’t they?

Why Cebu Girls are beautiful?

Anyway, but where can we guys find beautiful girls? We know they’re everywhere in the world. In Brazil, America, Mexico, U.S, Philippines. Yes, Philippines. Beautiful Filipinas are all scattered in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, and all areas of the country.

But what particular area can you find the most beautiful, sexiest, and the most mesmerizing girls in the Philippines? Well, apparently you can find them in Manila. But pretty girls in Manila are not so accessible. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But to me I believe that the most beautiful girls and the most gorgeous and the most accessible girls can be found in Cebu. Yes guys, in Cebu. The Cebu Girls.

Cebu girls are the most fascinating girls you’ll ever meet. They are the friendliest and the most down-to-earth gorgeous women you can meet. The beauty of a Cebuana is really astonishing. Large eyes, delightfully seductive red lips, attractive cheek bones, dominant nose, long neck like that of a chalice, and a body of a 12 ounce Coca Cola bottle. Sounds familiar, eh?

With these features, the beauty of a Cebu girl is just different from all of the rest Filipinas in the country. You know why? I don’t know. I just can’t explain it. Hehehe.;-) But when you get to see them right in front of you, you’ll know. They have the confidence, the attitude, the red cheeks, and smooth burnt skin. They don’t have to wear make-ups just to look attractive. Their beauties are just so natural.

More than that, you can even saw them riding jeepneys on tight shorts and slippers with big replica Louis Vitton bags in their shoulders, speaking their lovely Cebuana and American accent. Whew! How should I say this? Bis-glish? Bisayang English? Whatever. But when I get to hear them chatting inside jeepneys, in schools, in malls, in my apartments (kidding), I just love it. Their voices and accents are like beautiful songs to my ears. Wahehehe;-)

What more can you ask for? I’m not saying you go around the city and screw around two or three beautiful women in Cebu at a time. I’m just saying that Cebu girls are just fascinating to meet, to make friends, and to, well, just watch. The ladies in Cebu truly are admirable, adorable, and huggable. :-)

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13 Responses to Cebu Girls

  1. UP! Ayus. Idol jud ni ni kuya ny ang mga cebuana. hahahaha. :D

  2. Mark says:

    Murag lami mu adtu ug Cebu tungod daghan mga gwapa diay. Ayy kalami!

  3. M Del Rosario says:

    I agree… Cebuano girls are very beautiful. What makes them more beautiful is their conservatism, strength, modesty and simplicity.

  4. caloy says:

    Keep on blogging bai….nice articles ;)

  5. ian says:

    haha nice one bai

  6. thelly says:

    tinuod na umoha sulti noy ay akoa hubby nagsulti na daghan daw wafa sa cebu diria sa germany naay mga filipino Ass./parties naobrservahan sa akoang hubby na mas wafa ang bisdak weeeee

  7. dj mario says:

    ha ha ha ha….mga nahimo mani nako nga ledge dancers noy..ha ha ha ha.

    nice one…

  8. helen says:

    “Well, apparently you can find them in Manila. But pretty girls in Manila are not so accessible.” — Manila girls like me might have divided opinions on that one. hahaha.

    i just think accessibility is not really a matter of geographic location, but more on personality, hindi ba? :-)

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