Cebu Police To Be Taught How To Speak Korean, Chinese

The Mandaue City traffic enforcers with traffic enforcement agencies in Mandaue (TEAM) will deputize Luigi Quisumbing’s language training.

Quisumbing said he started training one or two police officers at each station in Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO) soon.

“We will be sponsoring language training for Korean and Chinese (languages) in the next few weeks to ensure that if there are any incidents involving foreign nationals in Mandaue, our personnel will not be able to scrutinize MCPO personnel to be able to investigate and get statements, “

Quisumbing said.

He added that the case was involved in incidents involving foreigners in road accidents with another crime. And one of the police challenges after the incident was the difficulty in getting statements from people of interest, witnesses, and resource persons in the language barrier. Quisumbing also wishes to inform the enforcers of language training to serve the visitors. (JPP)

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