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Top 3 Davao Jobs in High Demand

Statistically speaking, Davao City has lower crime rate, lesser traffic, cheaper cost of living, and greener environment compared to other major cities in the country. Size wise, Davao has the largest land area in the entire country and thus more space to offer to Filipinos, married or not, to settle in the area. Davao is modern and progressive, and there are more Davao jobs here more than you initially thought. If you are looking for a city that will help you develop a laidback lifestyle, come live and work in Davao. Plan your life ahead with any of these long-term, challenging and interesting job opportunities available in Davao.

Investment Property Consultants

In the last five years, condominium, residential areas and exclusive subdivisions have skyrocketed in numbers. They are everywhere, and the construction is never ending. As the presence of real estate businesses becomes more apparent, the need for investment property consultants also heightened. Investment property consultants are the sales agents of the real estate company. They assist people who are planning to invest on a house or buy a condo unit. They help the potential customers make the best investment that fit their personal needs. From the initial offer to the completion of the sale, investment property consultants are on the backs of clients. The city will continue to see more of these Davao jobs in the field of property investment in the years to come.

Information Technology Specialists

There is still a massive demand for graphic designers, website developers and programmers in the city. First seen as a small market for this group of Davao jobs, now there is no denying that the entire city has raised its green flag high and mighty as evidenced by the intense influx of high school graduates taking IT-related courses. Careers in the field of Information Technology are not only big in Davao, but in the entire country as well. Every company needs a solid IT department. Therefore, every company needs people who are well versed with computers and programming. So if you are an IT graduate, companies might compete against each other just to have your resume landing on their desk.

Business Process Outsourcing Careers

The industry of Business Process Outsourcing continues to rise steadily in Davao. From call center agents to customer service representatives, telemarketers and Internet banking specialists, the job opportunities in this sector remain high. Since BPO companies have ventured their interest to finance, accounting, health care, insurance, and banking, BPO-related careers have greatly expanded, too. The job classifications have widened, giving more choices to Davaoenyos. Job applicants with at least a high school diploma, who have strong communications skills, and willingness to work night shifts and on weekends are encouraged to apply.

Davao City is flooded with greatness- great people, great places and great employment opportunities. No wonder more and more Filipinos are encouraged to settle in Davao for good. With all the Davao jobs dispersed all over the city, why don’t you start buffing up your resume? The city needs you, and you have all the reasons to stay and work in a great city like Davao.


Top 5 Cebu Jobs

More and more Filipinos are coming to Cebu to reside and work. Why is that? Cebu is as modern as Manila but less polluted and as progressive as Davao but more lively. Living in Cebu will lead you to love the dynamic way of life in the city. Job opportunities are consistently piling up, the people are hospitable, and the culture remains rich despite the modernization of the city. Cebu is a haven for those who are in search of a vigorous place to live in and a steady stream of income. If you are considering moving to Cebu anytime in the future, but are hesitant of the work options, take note of the following Cebu jobs in the list below. These are the most in-demand Cebu jobs at the moment and with a stroke of luck, your expertise might be needed in one Cebu-based company right now.

Information Technology

This industry is consistent in providing high paying jobs to Cebuanos. Cebu is a prime target of foreign investors specializing in Information Technology and Communications thus opening thousands of jobs for everyone. IT consultancy, website programming and graphic designing are just a few sub-fields that are popular for young professionals living in the city.


The finance industry has grown stronger in recent years. Certified public accounts, bookkeepers, and bank tellers are among the fields of Cebu jobs in Accounting and Finance. As Cebu expands to become more industrialized, the importance of finance and accounting industries rises dramatically, too. A progressive city like Cebu needs a might finance industry in order to sustain its investments and daily operations.

Civil Engineering

The industry of Civil Engineering is responsible for the design and construction of public works such as dams and bridges. Cebu, as a city, continues to thrive in various industries. Naturally, new buildings need to be built, and the old ones have to be restructured. The college degree itself is a difficult undertaking; therefore, producing a small group of graduates. This is why the demand for civil engineers persists to be high.

Public Relations

By definition, public relations refer to the promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution. With the opening of new businesses and firms in Cebu, they need to connect or get a strong grip with their target consumers. This job is up to the Public Relations officers to do. A company simply cannot flourish without the expert skills of a PR officer. Every company needs a qualified PR officer who can relay the good social, financial, and professional status of the company towards its target market.


A line of Cebu jobs that remain popular belongs to the industry of Manufacturing. The business of export is still one of the biggest industries in Cebu, thereby requiring thousands of employees in the workforce. Known native products of Cebu are guitars, food items, and furniture. Several works of Cebuano furniture designers are commissioned by the rich and famous in the West.

These are the top 5 Cebu jobs that are looking for competitive and skilled professionals to join their industry at the moment. If you have what it takes to thrive in the industries of Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Public Relations, Information Technology, and Accounting, then submit your resume now!


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