BREAKING: 9,000 Barangay Captains Involved in Illegal Drugs

Image from Radio Inquirer

This is the content of Duterte’s watchlist while the Barangay and SK elections are on May 14. In addition, the PDEA says that in a total of 40,036 baranggays nationwide, there are 49.6% of illegal drug trafficking in 20,876 barangays.

In Metro Manila, 96.48% of the barangay are still drug-affected despite the Duterte administration’s two-year-olds and thousands of pusher and siblings in 2016 and 2017. (pic by Cebu daily news)

Now we hear “shabu repacking” in a barangay in Tondo, or a family business of shabu in QC and Caloocan. There are also “drug den” that even the grandchildren of the maintainers are adulterated.

As for me, these problems are really a “headache” that even raises the PNP, PDEA, Tokhas several times, the “occupation” suspects.

Actually, criminals are unlikely to be heard in the “village”. However, even criminals have their own home or home. They know who are strangers in the area, families involved in different racquets like “picking up”, “holdap”, “budding buddy”, climbing- house, “riding in tandem snatchers” especially those in “illegal drugs”. They know the “juvenile gangs” or minors who have done nothing but to riot or commit crimes, because they are not detained.

As a result, Kapitan and Kagawad will be vulnerable to criminals and if they are cowardly or intimidated, why they leave and resign. If the drug lord is really Kap, the criminals are his “goons” and to win him in the next election.

And if we choose a candidate in the barangay chairman’s and SK’s office, it should be a valiant and true love for the village to be clean in crime. It’s popular, but it’s a coward, do not worry about it.

First action may be expanding their CCTV systems to monitor ‘crime prone areas in the village’. Second, carry out the registration inventory of motorcycles in each village. If he does not have the name of the rider on his motorcycle, that is probably “stinky”. Third, it is necessary to assign “mobile village checkpoints” which by night can be supervised by a police or mobile from the nearest PCP. I say here are “checkpoints” inside the village, not on the “main roads” where the PNP-NCRPO is there.

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