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I went to Vaño beach today with my girlfriend. It was awesome. It’s been about four months since the last time I got to smell the sea breeze.

We didn’t have the time to look for a resort that suits our preference. I just woke up this morning and decided to go to the beach. Just like that. So my fiancee brought me to Vaño beach resort.

We brought a couple of food and drinks. We brought liempo, lechon manok, puso, Pepsi, fruit juices, mineral water, some junk food, and Tanduay Rhum 5 years.  So here are the pictures and the videos that I’ve taken.

Please bear with me still with the quality of the pictures and videos. I hope you settle them with your bare eyes. They are visible after all.

The following clip is an exotic food called Sisi placed in an RC Cola bottle. This is from a woman peddler who sold sour unripe mangoes and some other different kinds of Kinilaw. hehe.

Sisi is a variety of internal organs of Swaki. Swaki is similar to Tuyom, the black urchin. Swaki is sea urchin in English. If Sisi is to Tuyom, Dayok in Mindanao is to Fish. Dayok is made of intestines and other organs of different varieties of fish; but most commonly Dayok is from Danggit. Sisi can be mixed in a sauce or in Filipino term, “Sawsawan.” Either you immerse it with vinegar or make it as Kinilaw, or raw seafood served like a salad with different spices and seasonings.

Check out these videos. These are performances of some of the notorious undiscovered talents of Cebu, singing Maniniyot by Yoyoy Villame. 😉

Singing a song about Mindanao.;-)

So that’s it. That was our adventure in Vaño beach in Mactan. It was awesome. 🙂


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. >Wui Bro, asa ka nakapalit ana nga T-shirt? Murag maayo lage na!

  2. >@Boffill: sa grand mall ra ni gi palit bro. dre dapit lapu-lapu bah. Akung uyab naka kita anih. hehe;-)

  3. >Oh? Ayusa oi. Tsk tsk. Mopalit pud ko puhon ug makakita ko ana. :Da

  4. >Ok bro! Keep on Blogging on the free world.;-)

  5. Marcel Thier

    Hello my friend,

    could you leave me some notes about “Vano Beach” in Cebu/Mactan in the Philippines ?
    How much does the entrance fee each adult cost ?
    Is it permitted to bring some food and beverages to Vano Beach ?
    Please let me know all charges of Vano Beach.
    Faithfully & Thanks a lot.
    I´ll make a trip to Cebu in the end of october this year for holiday.

    Marcel from Germany

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