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It is not hidden to the general public what a gorgeous city Davao is. Apart from the rich culture and pleasant people, the city attracts millions of tourists worldwide for its breathtaking white-sand beaches. Just 15 minutes away from Davao, there is an island that has become the favorite dwelling spot of majestic beach resorts in all price ranges. Of all the resorts packed in there, five stood out. Three are classic favorites while two are relatively new to the industry. If you happen to be in Davao for the week and are itching for a great beach to unwind, here are the top five beach resorts you ought to visit.

Secdea Beach Resort

Secdea is a notable hit among Davaoenos and tourists alike. Just opened its gate only this year, Secdea is the freshest haven for beach lovers who long for tranquility, privacy and luxury. The 56-hectare resort is blasted with facilities that include gorgeous villas, infinity pool, kid’s playground, fish pond, basketball and tennis courts, lush gardens, restaurant, and activity hall. The place is perfect for family bonding, couple getaways, and company team buildings.

Tiki Beach Resort

Secdea BEach Resort

Inspired by the culture in the South Pacific, Tiki Beach Resort welcomes their guests with 100% leisure time. Your stressed mind will surely be relaxed with the tropical feel of the surrounding and the hippie, carefree atmosphere of the resort. True to the spirit of the South Pacific, coming to Tiki feels like travelling into another world of pure bliss and beautiful beaches. It feels good to trade the hustle and bustle of the metro life for an exotic beach pleasure present only in Tiki Beach Resort.

Chemas By The Sea

What makes Chemas By The Sea a cult favorite among beach lovers is the special intimate feel of the place. The resort is small, quiet, and stunning, and these are very the characteristics that caused its former guests to form a loyalty pledge. A genuine charmer, Chemas can only cater to a small number of guests, therefore a prior booking is a must. Nature is at its best in this resort, and this makes Chemas one of the top beach resorts in Davao City. You can bask in the sun and eat tropical fruits all day with the crystal blue beach as your only companion.

Bali-Bali Resort

The name sounds similar to Bali, a top beach destination in Indonesia. Well, it sounds more accurate to say that Bali-Bali derived its inspiration from premier Asian countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Bali-bali’s doors are so intimate that only 6 villas are available for booking. You cannot even think of mixing pleasure with the tiniest amount of business. Used to be a private lounge of a prominent family, Bali-bali was like a secret, trophy golden resort.

Buenavista Island Resort

Guests in Buenavista Island Resort experience maximum privacy and solitary ambiance. The entire resort is not open for varied clients because Buenavista is ought to be rented as a whole, either to an individual, group or company. The resort is ideal for gatherings such as wedding, debuts and team buildings. Group of friends can also rent out the entire place and soak in its beauty in private.

Let these top beach resorts in Davao City enthrall and entice your spice for ultimate tranquillity, and book a weekend now!

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Bali Bali Beachfront Resort Day Tour in Samal Island, Davao



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Top Beach Resorts in Cebu

Cebu is a top choice of destination among foreigners and even locals in the Philippines. Known for its lush culture and amazing people, there are places that are highly frequented by visitors in all colors. One example is Cebu’s array of exotic and beautiful beaches, and there are five absolute favorites where tourists and locals cannot wait to spend their holiday there. This article will specify the details why you must love these 5 Cebu beaches.

  • Alegre Beach Resort

Situated in the northern part of Cebu, Alegre Beach Resort is a 7-hectare five-star resort- a perfect spot to spend the day the luxurious way. Noted to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Cebu, this beach resort boasts of idyllic landscapes that spell raw tranquility, freshness and romance. You will surely fall in love the moment you step in Alegre Beach Resort’s crisp, clean white sands.

  • Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

This resort is certainly a pride of Camotes Island. Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is a 28-room haven, which gives its guests the feeling of living in a secret garden inside an exotic island. Those who have previously stayed in the resort agree with the eclectic mix of lavish and comfort it gives. This is somewhat a huge surprise because modern luxury is evident in the interiors, infinity pool, customer services, and the manner which the gardens is molded. However, there is this hint of rustic charm in the atmosphere that everybody just loves. Perhaps this is the reason why a multitude of guests, local or foreign, keep on coming back.

  • Sumilon Blue Island Resort

This resort is capable of giving you pleasure to the highest level. However, in order to experience maximum delight Sumilon Island Resort has to offer, you have to travel a 125 kilometers away from Cebu City. Most known for its sandbar that changes shapes and shifts locations, the place is secluded and breathtaking, giving its guests a chance to see and experience pure bliss and serenity while being in touch with nature’s best.

  • Kota Beach Resort

Located in one of the tropical Bantayan Island, Kota Beach Resort has a world-class quality as a resort, probably most popular for its beachfront. With its vast arena of blue waters and bluer skies while on the beachfront, you are definitely not going to miss the opportunity of being physically present in the resort. Well, some argue that while in Kota Beach Resort, you will be lost while immersed in its beauty. True enough, the whole stretch is, by far, the most beautiful beach in Bantayan Island.

  • Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

If you crave for an all plush experience, then you have to be in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. Spans 11.5 hectare in size, this resort is in situated in the heart of Mactan, therefore providing an easy access to Cebuanos and tourists roaming around the metropolis. It is more of a lifestyle resort because of the villas, spa, and other recreation centers for water sports and family-related activities. After work, you can easily slip in the Plantation Bay Resort and Spa to relax for the weekend, or invite friends and relatives to spend a holiday there. The resort is most famous for its waterways as one of the world’s largest.

Whenever you are in Cebu, please make sure to book a stay in any of these 5 beaches. Each has their own unique quality that differs one from another, but all five lets you plunge into immaculate blue sea waters and incredible scenery.

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