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Another modus operandi is on pattern at this moment. Carnappers deceived victims by taking their car plate numbers and make it look like as if they discovered it.

The new modus was uncovered by former Department of Interior and Local Government Rafael Alunan III. He said it originates from his “reliable security sources.”

As indicated by Alunan, the carnappers were at that point surveilling the moves of the car owners/victims. At the point when the time the casualties stop his/her auto that is the time they take the plate number.


Plate Number Robbery:

There is a new number plate hijacking trend. Hi-jackers follow you to a parking lot, after you leave your vehicle, they remove your number plate and wait. When u come back and drive off, they follow you. They then overtake you, displaying your number plate out of their window as if 4you just lost it and they want to give it back to you.

When you stop to get your number plate back, guns come out and they take the car. Maybe even take you and your car. It’s a very well rehearsed and organised plan and everything happens very quickly. Other motorists may not be aware of what is happening as you stopped the car yourself.

Please alert others to this danger!


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