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For over a year in the blogosphere I’ve finally decided to make myself a business card. I had second thoughts whether to pursue this because it’s too early for my blog to be engaging on this, and I wasn’t confident of doing it. But I realized there’s nothing wrong with it. The earlier the better.

I thought it’s better to have a business card of your own early than to have it later when you lost your appetite for blogging. It rocks! And it helps you promote your blog at an early time with early results.

I was actually inspired to make a business card by Jehzeel Laurente of Jehzlau Concepts.  I saw his cards and immediately wanted to follow him. Hehe. Hi Jehz! Gaya na naman ako Jehz ha? Trying hard talaga ako. Hahaha!

I didn’t make the design actually. It was my brother Ryan who made it. Although I gave some suggestions, of course. I would have made it myself but he volunteered that he will be the one to do it. I’m not familiar with Adobe Photoshop. I even don’t have this kind of software installed in my notebook. I asked him to install Photoshop from his laptop to my notebook so I can make a business card. He said I don’t need a Photoshop because it can be done in Microsoft Publisher. But I’m also not familiar with Microsoft Publisher, and so he offered his help. This is the product of our design. Two minds are better than one, as we say. Hehe.:-) Here it is:

The Front:


Having a business card is a very good idea for any business, be it a blog, a website, a company of any product, business cards can add credibility to your business. This is a good way for you to show to people that you’re serious with your business. The branding, remember, “branding,” is very important because this is how your business will be remembered. And through your business card you can have your branding more exposed to it.

I plan to give these cards, first, to my friends, and to some people I meet along the way in my journey in Cebu and Davao. Hehe.:-) Maybe I’ll also try to give some to tourists or foreign travelers, or even to local travelers. This is one good way of promotion offline.

I haven’t printed it yet. I just told Ryan to make them look like real when I post the cards here on this blog. Again, this is inspired by Jehzeel. Gaya gaya talaga. Hehe.

For readers like you, you can download the design right on your PC. Just save the image above as Jpeg or Gif. You can then immediately print it if you want. Be sure to save the front and the back of the card and print them back to back so it would look lovely on your wallet. Hehe.:-)

So what do you think? Do you think it’s good? Just leave some comments below about your thoughts on the design. Is it nice? Is it ordinary? Ugly? Just comment anything below about my brand new business card. Ok? Thanks . Hehe.:-)


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. bingkaycoy

    I think it’s really a great idea to have a business card especially if you want to become a fulltime blogger. I was thinking of that a long time ago, but when at the time I also had that idea, out came nasty remarks, criticisms and slapdowns at my blog and me. So I was kinda disappointed and lost my interest in having a business card. Now, I’m still blogging, I don’t intend to have a business card for the reason that I’m not going to be a fulltime blogger anyway.
    By the way, you’re business looks good….and your bro is right, you can do it at MS Publisher. I do a lot of stuff at MS Publisher. Try to learn it too…who knows it might come in handy again.

    • Oh, ganun ba? People who criticize you might be just jealous about you Binks. hehe. Ok I’ll try to learn Microsoft publisher and Photoshop. Thanks for dropping by Binks. 🙂

  2. Bro good morning.. yung OR Code po ba working?? kase tulad mo hehehe gusto ko din gayahin hahahahah 🙂 saan ba pwede gumawa yan?? astig ah hehehe nainspire mo din ako :p

  3. i think its nice but the behind doesnt seem to match..its quite dull..well thts just my opinion..ki$$ ya!

  4. haha, its nice, hey, u wanna a cheap gadget, check this out…
    cheap gadget for U

  5. WOw, ang sowsyal naman, meron pang QR Code! hehehe! Good job, Noy, ganda ng layout ng business card mo, parang logo/header din ng site mo! =)

  6. hi nonoy! ang cute naman ng business card mo! hinihintay ko pa yung akin dito sa office e… 🙂

    • Hi Helen! ganun ba? cge gawa tayu business cards lahat. maganda to s lahat ng mga bloggers. hehe:-) post mo about your business card ha pag dumating nah? ayuz! 🙂

  7. wow ka nice. This is a good idea of promoting a blog. cool..pede po makiprint..pang-wallet..hehehe

  8. parang gusto ko naring gumawa ng business card ko 😉 gaya gaya din ako.hehe.

  9. dodong flores

    Business card is a good idea. It helps boost the exposure of your business…

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