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A portrait of Mayor Duterte by a Japanese visual artist named Ayumi Endo has left both her fans and Duterte supporters astonished after posting it in her Facebook yesterday.

Ayumi Endo clarifies in Japanese how she got the motivation to do a fine art for Mayor Duterte, in complete rebellion of her own creative tenet not to handle legislative issues or religion in her fine arts. Turned out, she went to Cebu a year ago for an artistic creation occasion and since Mayor Duterte was all clamor a year ago.

Here is the English translation of what she wrote I’ve got from Google Translator:

Toward the Philippines presidential election , I was allowed to design a picture of Mr. Rodrigo Duterte!

Invited me to Cebu in a live painting from last year , I feel very close to have this from the Philippines from there .

Although it had avoided to painting motifs such as politics and religion until now , that of Duterte mayor had impressed have heard a lot from when you are staying in Cebu .

This time , I also would like to sincerely support , we were allowed to draw a portrait.

And the picture is taken up in Facebook, surprised at the amazing echo , not depend also think!
Or are feeling or feelings for the presidential election of the people of the Philippines is just how strong , I own a very important , I have gotten the opportunity to thought-provoking.

Sorry the English grammar is not as good as it should. Maybe this is the fault of the translator’s inaccuracy.

Read her original post below:

-RODRIGO DUTERTE-フィリピンの大統領選へ向け、Rodrigo Duterte氏の絵をデザインさせて頂きました!!去年からライブペイントなどでセブ島へ呼んでもらい、そこからとても近く感じているフィリピンのこれから。…

Posted by Ayumi Endo on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If you want to see some of her works, you can go to her Facebook page here.


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