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A visitor from my YouTube video time-lapse photography using Sony Cybershot DSC WX1 asked me how I was able to do that particular time-lapse using my camera. He or she for sure didn’t see the link on the description of that YouTube video. I, however, replied to the comment, and for that I thought it would still be not a satisfying reading for a user if he really wants to know how I have incorporated the captured shots through Windows Movie Maker. So here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how I was able to create a video with time-lapse photography in it.

For the older version of Windows Movie Maker:

Import all your captured images from your camera. You will see the file names of (IMG0001, IMG002, and so on) the images are in sequence; so it will be easy for you to incorporate them according to time of captures.

  • Drag the clips or images.

  • Drag the clips according to sequence into the Video Timeline.

Click and drag trim the clip according to duration. What I do is move the arrow to the smallest, which is .50 seconds, then right click the clip to speed it double one, two, to three times. The least duration is .3 seconds. So I double the speed of each clip 4 times to make it .3 seconds. This way the clips will run faster when you play the video player. So this means trim all clips to .3 seconds.

Then you’re done. Save the project or you can immediately publish it into WMV file for YouTube or Facebook upload.

For the latest version of Windows Movie Maker: the Windows Live Essentials Movie Maker:

  • Import or browse the images from your computer or camera.

  • Then adjust the duration by clicking the ‘Edit’ icon on the menu bar. You will see the different time duration according to your preference.

  • Speed up double or triple by using the speed option from the menu bar.
  • Publish it and you’re done.

Here’s my own time-lapse. Just the play the YouTube video player below.

Hope this tutorial helps. For more details about my own time-lapse photography, you can click this link: Time-lapse photography.


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He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. Wow!! Cool! 🙂 how did you take the images? You stood there for hours just to take pictures? O_O

  2. metalpig logo design

    Okey ‘tong time-lapse photography video editing mo bai ah ang ganda, masubukan nga gamit ang movie maker ng Windows… 😛

  3. Gilbert Canda

    Great information sir, user friendly and windows movie maker, yan din po gamit ko sa video editing kapag nag upload ako ng video sa facebook, pero marami pa akong natutunan dahil sa article na ito. Salamat po.

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