An ‘inciting to sedition’ case vs. Trillanes, found to have ‘probable cause’ – prosecutors

The Pasay City Prosecutor Office has identified the probable cause of a lawyer’s complaint against Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, specifically the inciting to sedition.

According to the resolution of the fiscal resolution signed by Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Joahna A. Gabatino-Lim, there is a reasonable case against the senator.

The complaint was filed by lawmakers who directly criticized President Rodrigo Duterte.

It was filed by Atty. Glenn Chong, former Rep. Jacinto Paras and Atty. Manuelito Luna in November 2017.

But the Trillanes camp was first denied and the complainants filed “Duterte minions”.

As for Trillanes as an answer, he was not afraid of such a case.

“On the Inciting to Sedition case against me: Not like Duterte, he is coward to face the case, I will face it,” Trillanes said in his Twitter message.

When recalled before becoming a senator, Trillanes had been in prison for several years because of government revolt with some junior officers who were then called Magdalo.

Source PDB CaD

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