Where Can I Find a Cheap Computer Service Centre in Cebu?

I’m looking for a cheap computer service shop in Cebu. I am not sure about this Free Soul store at JMall in AS Fortuna. They charge me for 3,300 Pesos for a brand new hard disk and reformatting fee. I’m … Continue reading

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Meaning of Hanep in English

Filipino dialect in trouble

Seems like a surprise post minding about the meaning of this word. This have actually been used by my old friend. Always calling my posts and pics in Facebook, hanep. Hanep mo pardz! HKT: Hanep ka Talaga. And so we, … Continue reading

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An Old House in Del Rosario

It’s not what you see everyday unless you always roam the streets of Cebu, especially in Colon or close to the vicinity, where historical architecture are still present. But here is just an old, bleak house that is almost close … Continue reading

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A Woman Jeepney Driver and Daughter as Conductor Spotted in the Streets of Cebu

female jeepney driver

{Note: The image below has nothing to do with the story of this blog post} Last night at around 7PM, I spotted a lady in her shorts and basketball jersey chanting “Gaño! Gaño!” at the middle of the traffic (sorry … Continue reading

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Mechanical engineering board exam result 2014

Here is the list of the Mechanical Engineering passers in the latest board exam of this course this year. In this partial list are the top ten passers with their respective schools. GREMERSON IDULSA ALADAD BOHOL ISLAND STATE UNIVERSITY NOLI … Continue reading

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Where to find a cheap boxing gym in Cebu?

My love of boxing began after watching Manny Pacquiao fights in YouTube. No, not the sport, I mean yes the sport but not just I love to watch the sports of boxing. I love to box. Really as in I … Continue reading

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This cheap spa massage parlor in Briones isn’t actually cheap

Thai Boran massage cebu bed inside a room

I had been looking for a cheap spa massage in Cebu that have good testimonials. Most of those I found in TripAdvisor are expensive. Well at least to me. A humble, average Filipino employee had to deal with. Good thing … Continue reading

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