We’ve Spotted a UFO in Catalunan Grande

Dark sky at late night

We were having a drinking spree last night with my friends when we saw an object in the sky, traveling at great speed. The object had lights on it (kinda red and yellow) otherwise we won’t be able to see … Continue reading

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If Duterte becomes President, how would he solve the traffic in Manila?

Clean slow traffic in Mc Arthur highway davao

Our very own Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is now a very popular political personality in the country. Based on surveys he is number 2 favorite among the supposed presidential candidates, if I’m not mistaken, only behind Vice President Jejomar … Continue reading

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Bridgestone Angelino Child Care Bike and Veloce Mountain Bike

Veloce Mountain Bridgestone utility bike

I’ve got two new bikes for the last three weeks. I bought the Veloce Mountain Bike first before the Bridgestone Angelino Child Care Bike. I want to also call it a Utility Bike. I’ve bought it from a friend’s father … Continue reading

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Why the traffic in Manila cannot be solved?

In front Terminal 3 NAIA

I saw this ad video from YouTube a couple of minutes ago. Usually when I see some ads in YouTube before I can play the actual video I’m trying to view, I skip them by clicking, “Skip Ad.” But this … Continue reading


Good Food and Service at Bradley’s


I’d already heard this place even before I went back in Cebu last year. Never did I get interested in. Thinking it must have been like the same ‘ol, boring ‘tapsilogans’ that also serve coffee and beer, and well of … Continue reading


Things you need to know about the Spratly Islands

Malapaya operation in the spratlys

{The following article is first published in Spratly Islands (Kapuluan ng Kalayaan) Facebook Fan Page} Who owns the Spratly Islands really? China? Vietnam? Philippines? While this dispute of territorial claims have not settled down, we Filipinos probably don’t know about … Continue reading

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Decoding the Dude: The Davao Guy versus the Cebu City Guy

The Good Guyz at Mr. Ace Restaurant, Cebu

So when Spot.ph posted something outrageous or totally out-of-key article, readers rated it so bad that you’d lost interest reading it. The website published a post about the difference between a Makati Guy and a Quezon City guy. I said … Continue reading