Turning Korean at Jang Ga Nae

They said, one of the ways to understand a country’s culture is to eat its food. It’s easy, because, all you have to do is eat at a foreign restaurant. If you want to understand Korea’s culture, all you have … Continue reading

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Manila Journey

outside naia terminal 3 pasay manila

After years of journeying Cebu and Davao, I have finally reached Manila. So starting today, I will be reviewing tourist destinations in Metro Manila, restaurants, bars, and other interesting places to go in different cities in Manila. I will also … Continue reading

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Scratch Pen (Box) for training fighting cocks

beautiful scratch pen box

It was a strange name in my ears: scratch box. I first heard it as clutch box. What the hell was that? I realized it was a “scratch box” after I saw this finished product of my Dad’s carpenter: It … Continue reading

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Lousy Service at Choice Mart Catalunan Grande

Choice Mart catalunan grande

There are 3 supermarkets in Catalunan Grande namely: the Convenience Store, HB1 (owned by NCCC), and Choice Mart (also owned by NCCC). About an hour ago, I bought one pack of cigarettes at Choice Mart. Since the Convenience Store doesn’t … Continue reading

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Lose weight with Detox Station

Detox station juices

My former colleague introduced this to me. It’s kind of interesting because I see colorful fruit and vegetable juices packed in bottles. I can’t remember any place, a restaurant or store, that offer packed organic fruit juices. The only one … Continue reading

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A bad Batchoy at Taj in Catalunan Grande

At Taj batchoy Catalunan Grande

It is not easy to find a delectable, well-made Batchoy in Davao. I’ve tasted some in different restaurants, even in food courts in malls. But I just can’t find one that is same or close as the Lapaz. So far, … Continue reading

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Ayana’s Siling Kinamayo Native Chili Sauce from Baganga Davao Oriental

Ayana's siling kinamayo chili sauce

This was brought by my cousin at our house last week. I was immediately excited when it was first introduced to me. Well, those who know me won’t be surprised. I just love chillis. The real very hot, red, chilli … Continue reading

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