Is Philippines Ready for Taiwan Bicycles?

Jun sabayton lourd de veyra bisikleta

{DISCLAIMER: The following article is a SPONSORED POST by Taiwan Excellence} This reminds of Jun Sabayton’s and Lourd De Veyra’s advocacy in Facebook about the radical idea of having Filipino commuters use bicycle on the streets of Manila instead of … Continue reading

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Meaning of ‘Kalata Oi’ in Tagalog and English

kalata nimu bai oi

Now here’s a Davao expression that is not so easy to define. This expression is said when someone is kind of dislike of what you do at the moment. This is the same when a Cebuano says buanga oi or … Continue reading

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Spotted Swastika symbol in a Chinese Compound

Swastika symbol in a Chinese building in cebu

The jeepney was driving on the way to the office when I saw a familiar symbol. It was the equilateral cross that I always see in documentary and Hollywood films about the Nazis. I just cannot remember where exactly the … Continue reading

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The Yap-San Diego Ancestral Home on my way to the office

Writings in Ancestral House Cebu

I’ve already spotted several old houses here since I went back. I’d never seen these old houses before because it was very seldom I can pass the old Cebu area, or Cebu downtown, the areas near Colon. I stayed in … Continue reading

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Where Can I Find a Cheap Computer Service Centre in Cebu?

I’m looking for a cheap computer service shop in Cebu. I am not sure about this Free Soul store at JMall in AS Fortuna. They charge me for 3,300 Pesos for a brand new hard disk and reformatting fee. I’m … Continue reading

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Meaning of Hanep in English

Filipino dialect in trouble

Seems like a surprise post minding about the meaning of this word. This have actually been used by my old friend. Always calling my posts and pics in Facebook, hanep. Hanep mo pardz! HKT: Hanep ka Talaga. And so we, … Continue reading

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An Old House in Del Rosario

It’s not what you see everyday unless you always roam the streets of Cebu, especially in Colon or close to the vicinity, where historical architecture are still present. But here is just an old, bleak house that is almost close … Continue reading

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